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Life After 6 Tequilas

Beth Johnson, an upbeat, hardworking, single mum living in London takes the humorous challenges of life in her stride. Her career is fast-tracking but that’s secondary to baby Jacob – his care and development is paramount. When her impeccably-organized childcare routine implodes at the worst possible moment, she has no choice but to leave Jacob with unlikely ‘nanny’, Davit Kacharava, a Georgian migrant. Is she making an enormous mistake, letting this stranger into her comfortable world, even if he is gorgeous? She’s drawn to Davit but he resists, so why does she reveal to him the shocking secret that overshadows her life? And can she face the truth – do what’s right for herself, Jacob and Davit – before it’s too late?



To Hear You Smile

Disillusioned and dumped, London girl, Olivia Sinclair, hides out in the English countryside, unaware that handsome local stranger, Zachary Jordan, is a world class athlete. Deeply attracted to his intuitiveness and apparent sixth sense, Olivia nevertheless shuns him when he scares her badly on a date and, worse, when she finds out he has stolen something precious from her. Then she discovers the devastating truth about Zac. He's blind, and somehow, in their brief encounters, she hasn't noticed. She's determined to make amends, but Zac, crushed by her carelessness, doesn't want to know, and Olivia faces a gruelling uphill battle to win his respect and love

The Wild Heart

Georgina Blake flees a refined life in eighteenth century England to hide a scandal. Determined to start a new life, she voyages to the wild and beautiful Cape of Good Hope, unprepared for the adventure, danger and heartbreak that await her. On a remote farm, hidden in a magnificent mountain valley in the Cape hinterland, she meets intriguing stranger, Anton Villion, who threatens her precarious new-found security, yet steals her heart. Anton, privy to a painful secret, is drawn to Georgina, but wily Louisa Summerton is hell bent on a swift union with him, leaving Georgina adrift in a savage landscape. Will Georgina and Anton’s love lie buried forever, along with the truth? Made for one another, yet driven apart by fate, will they ever meet again? Will they be able to salvage sufficient strength and courage to embark on a journey to redemption and everlasting love?

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